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Apr 17, Chiron's placement in the chart can reveal your core wound in this lifetime. Chiron, a “minor planet” in astrology, exits Pisces and enters Aries, (Rx), Chiron will weave in and out of Pisces and Taurus during its transit.
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Embrace the change. This shows your deepest wound residing in expansion. This can be physically, meaning travel, or mentally, meaning philosophically. You may go through a transformation of beliefs at least once in your life and it can be very prominent and life-changing. You are a life-long learner and strong advocate of constant learning, yet you may stress yourself out in trying to do just that. You put a lot of stress on yourself to follow what you currently believe, yet allow others to be flexible in their approaches and offer up multiple ways of doing things.

You enjoy helping others expand, yet you are afraid to yourself.

Chiron in Aries – The 1st House

Everything is a learning experience after all. This shows your deepest wound residing in reputation.

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This is an easy explanation, but not so easy in practice. You desire to be recognized and admired. You want to be seen as accomplished and respected. It may be difficult for you to find worth in yourself unless others see worth in you. You want a tangible reason behind worth. On another side, you may feel that what you do always caters to others rather than yourself. You may be scared to succeed because of the fear of failure. In any of these cases, fear is the backdrop.

You want to succeed because you fear rejection. You are scared to try and succeed because you fear ridicule. This can all be remedied by acceptance and coming to terms with who you truly are what you want. Ask yourself who you are and what will make you happy and go after that. Heal yourself by accepting yourself.

Happiness and bliss is true success. This shows your deepest wound residing in friendship and hopes.

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You may often feel rejected by others and this can lead you to be quite lonely. You can easily help others fit in somewhere, but you find it difficult to fit yourself in with others. This shows your deepest wound residing in your unconscious. This placement shows that you have difficulty opening yourself up to others, yet are extremely empathetic and desire to help those in need. You might encourage others to share their problems so you can help.

You may be fiercely private and have psychic abilities. You may reject these abilities and deny them to much frustration. Chiron in the 12th will keep throwing circumstances your way in order to teach you lessons in acceptance and seeing the bigger picture. One may feel plagued, but the plague shall end when one simply accepts and trusts the process.

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  3. Chiron in the 1st House.
  4. Accept yourself, accept others, explore your own spirituality, find a path that suits you and walk it. Compassion is the necessity behind this house, and that means for yourself as well as for others. Very family-oriented, values their home, their roots and their identity is based on what they were taught as a child, what they were exposed to as a child. Very strong emotional attachment to their home, their family. Probably have a very close bond to their mother. Probably a good listener, good at comforting people with words.

    Probably the type to introduce their partner to their family early on in the relationship.

    Sensuality and Natal Chiron in Taurus or 2nd House

    Their childhood was filled with a lot of activity, sports. They need to have an emotional connection, feel comfort in order to sleep with someone or have a sexual relationship. Breasts can be a turn on for them. They might have had a hard time, more work than play even as a child, financial struggles, loss of a parent. They grow up to be very responsible and seek stability for their home, they are the ones their family relies on. A very happy, positive childhood. A lot of wisdom was given to them by their parents, they were taught to be generous and joyful. Home, fmaily brings them happiness.

    Can show a lack of stability in the household, a lot of moving growing up, unexpected events, unusual family structure.

    Family might not be a priority and if they have one, they might be the one who brings out something different in the family, be the unusual one. They might not remember a lot of their childhood, it can often feel blurred. Dreams about starting the perfect family, idealising the family values. They were likely very controlled by their parents. A lot of pain in their childhood, possible abuse or trauma. There was disharmony in their home. Healing their childhood pain through starting a family on their own. It can mean divorce in the family, cheating. The native themselves may have issues with starting a family similarly to their parents.

    the weak point, where we will heal

    Secrery involving their roots, strange relationships with family members. Upbringing focused on education, learning. Parents were keen on raising them to become intelligent individuals. Ideal marriage partner is someone very family-oriented with values like them. Someone who provides them with care, possibly reminds them of their mother. Might have focused on their career rather than starting a family, isolating themselves from their family and roots. Could have struggles showing their emotional side, showing that they need to be taken care of.

    The little asteroid in your chart that represents healing. Aries Chiron: The wound is in the ego. They may have low self-esteem, shy away from conflict and individualism. Healing comes from concentrating on the self. Finding assertiveness and confidence. Once healing starts they can push others into action, encourages confidence, challenges others identity.

    Taurus Chiron: Wound in security. Might feel uprooted and unstable throughout life. Insecure in their own strength. Healing is all about finding inner security.


    Your Chiron Retrograde Horoscope, According To Your Zodiac Sign

    They help others by being strong and stable for them. Gemini Chiron: All about wounds in communication. Finds it hard to express themselves, connect, and can never seem to find the right words. Can easily be misunderstood, prefers to observe and worries their intellect will be judged. Healing comes from expressing themselves, they must find their voice and not fear wounding words or misunderstandings.

    Helps others speak their mind and find their voice. Cancer Chiron: Wound is emotional, especially with facing abandonment, coldness, or unhealthy attachment in life. Healing comes from finding their inner mother, learn self-nurturing, compassion, healing, and protection. Healing comes from learning healthy detachment. Helps to nurture and protect others.